Rain Day

Meryl and I woke up and went for a run yesterday-the first run we have gone on this trip.It was pretty rough to say the least but it felt good to get a little workout in (not that our 5 mile walks don’t count or anything).We were so hungry because we hadn’t eaten dinner the night before so we were feeling pretty awful.We sat in our family’s beautiful garden and ate strawberries.

At lunch, I was super scared that Meryl was going to pass out, but we just ate a bunch of pasta and pretty much recovered.Although we had wanted to go to the beach, we had to check out of our hostel and it rained all day anyway so we just bummed around which was actually really nice.We took a really leisurely lunch and shopped for souvenirs.Split has this massive outdoor market very conducive to shopping!We stopped for lots of coffee breaks and just breaks in general.

I got some “skinnies,” which was the highlight of my day.The UK girls we met at St. Riva kept talking about their skinnies, which are skinny jeans.Apparently, American girls are losers because we still wear boot cut pants.They only wear skinnies and “bags”, which are boyfriend jeans, or baggy jeans that look like they are your boyfriends (which does not sound attractive).I got this fantastic deal where if you bought 600 kuna worth of items, you got everything for 300 kuna (which is about $60).So I got nice jeans and two shirts for $60.

After we had wandered for enough time, we went back to get our bags at the hostel and our awesome family made us cute little bowls of strawberries, sugar, whipped cream and sprinkles.They are the cutest and I loved staying with them!They were so nice and generous!After we left we went to stock up for the overnight train ride and met some interesting/creepy characters along the way.The train was crazy…we had triple bunk beds!It was such a tiny room, which I was prepared for because I’ve taken two overnight trains in Spain, but Meryl and Harris were a bit surprised.

It was pretty classy because they gave us little gift bags with all kinds of overnight necessities and goodies like chocolate.We got into Zagreb at 6:30 and had to switch trains to go to Vienna, where we will be at 2:00 today so I’ll post about our Viennese adventures later!

Train to Vienna

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