"Hey, hey baby…I wanna know, would you be my girl?"

Friday, Meryl, Harris, Kyle and I went to Beerfest straight from class. It was absolutely fantastic. When you first walked in, it looked like there was nothing there and it looked like an abandoned ghost town, but after we got in there, there were like 20 tents, each with different kinds of beer and food. All the workers were dressed up in what I guess in traditional attire, but it looked more like what I would think they would wear in a place like Sweden. There was live music and girls dancing and singing. It actually kind of reminded me of the German beer house at Busch Gardens. Each beer was a half a liter, so we only tried 4 or 5 before we were really sloshed. Meryl and I also tried some Moravian wine, which I was so excited to learn came in the form of a keg! I cannot believe that we don’t have that in the US. A wine keg would be so essential at law school socials!

Naz drazni krasne!
Delicious jug o’ wine

Czech singers
Amazing keg of wine!
Disgusting entire animal being roasted on a stick…ICK

After beerfest, we were all pretty tanked so we went back to the boys apartment before going out that night, which I have no recollection of because I fell asleep at the bar. Typical!

Playing with a shoe horn…what??

At beerfest, Meryl and I saw some guys taking pictures of us, so we went over to call them out about it. Also, they were wearing kilts, as were an unusual amount of people that weekend. We asked them what they were doing here/why they were wearing kilts and they told us there was a soccer game between the Czech Republic and Scotland that next day, so we had decided that we really wanted to go. After we woke up on Saturday, we went to our friend’s place to get ready and then headed back over to go to the game. Meryl and I were walking through the square and there were literally hundreds of Scots in kilts playing bagpipes and singing. It was so much fun and it really made me so excited for the soccer game. They were all so loud and drunk and hilarious. I tried to take a picture of some of them and they grabbed me and tried to take a picture of me with them. Then, the best part…all at once, they all started pointing at Meryl and I and broke out into song, singing that song “Hey Baby” by Bruce Channel. It was so great…one of the best moments ever.


Then we went over to the stadium and bought tickets for the soccer game. It was really fun and the Czech Republic won 3 to 1. Apparently, CR is ranked like 10th and Scotland is only ranked 50th, but it was a friendly match before the Eurocup starts, so it wasn’t a big deal and everyone was just having fun.

Soccer game

The boys and their mohawks
Tres and I on the metro escalator after the game

After we left the game, we didn’t have any time to go back and change because we were meeting one of the Czech students from the law school, Jana, who had offered to take us out to some Czech bars. We first went to this place called Back Door, which was an underground club. We had some wine and shots (of course one was absinthe) and Meryl and I met another bachelor party; this time, they were from Scotland and one guy had been to Busch Gardens so was telling us about that.

Us with the Scottish bachelors
Us with our new friend Hank
Fiery shots
We then went to another club, which was cool because it was probably one of the first places we had been that didn’t play American music; it was all Czech and all of the people were just screaming the songs at the top of their lungs. Meryl and I were really tired at this point and were planning on going to Karlovy Vary in the morning so we decided to take a cab home and get some rest. We were really hungry so we stopped at the only restaurant that was open (which was actually really fancy) and ordered Caesar salads. I cannot explain how wonderful this salad was. Everything was so fresh and the dressing was amazing-it was the best meal we have had yet. We were enjoying it so much that the waiter asked if we had been starving because we were chowing down in complete silence. We talked to the waiters for a while because we were one of two tables in there and they taught us some Czech words and talked to us for a while which was really fun and interesting, although by this point, I had started to lose my voice and I had to pretty much have Meryl translate everything for me all night!

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