Goodbye to absinthe crews and comrades…

Our last week in Prague was sad, but extremely busy!! After class on Tuesday, we went running and then spent the day getting souvenirs for our family and friends. Then we went over to Megan and Kirsten’s apartment for the final Fajita Tuesday 😦 Meryl and I didn’t stay after to go out, though, because we knew we had way too much to do the rest of the week.

After class on Wednesday, Meryl, Harris and I went to the Communism Museum, which was really interesting. They have a lot of items from the time which teach you about all the propaganda that was used. The coolest (but most sad) part of the museum was a video room, which showed footage of Prague during the time when the Russians invaded and occupied Prague. They showed protests happening in the squares that we walked through every day and the craziest thing is that this was all going on into the 80s. I was so glad we went because I really learned a lot!

Trying to look like the scary doll
BOO Communism!!
Communism paraphernalia
The famous symbol…
This was crazy…they actually made films trying to scare people into believing that they were all going to be bombed and have to wear this
Part of an mural supposed to resemble part of the Berlin Wall
After the slightly depressing Communism Museum, Meryl and I left Harris and went to find the Ufleku Brewery that one of Dad’s patients had told him to tell me to go to. I wished we had more time, because we only stayed for one drink but it was really cool. The place is a massive beer hall that seats a couple hundred people. They have a guy playing an accordion and they brew their own beer which is dark, but actually tastes kind of like a light beer. It looked like something straight out of a movie, but you have to be careful because they keep bringing you drinks and shots and you have to say no or else you will get charged for them!

Me at U Fleku
Cute accordian man
Meryl and I
The outdoor patio
More of the outdoor patio seating

Then we met up with our friends from Cal Western to watch the soccer game (Czech Republic v. Portugal) in the Old Town Square. It was really cool-there was a huge big screen TV set up with beer and food stands everywhere. They had delicious chicken and pepper kebabs. Everyone was dressed in their Ceske gear and waving flags. Even though Czech Republic lost, it was a really fun experience! I definitely appreciate soccer so much more after being in Europe during the EuroCup. After the games (we also watched Turkey play Switzerland), we just went to a bar for a drink and then went home.

The crowd in Old Town Square

Meryl and I with our Czech flags
Brennan and the mini-keg Meryl and I bought, which we broke trying to open, making all of our beers super-foamy! EWW
Absinthe shots with comrade

Thursday, we had to study for finals all day, so we stayed at the dorms and just studied. Friday, we had to take our finals. I don’t know if it was just that it wasn’t FSU or that it was a summer program, but they were pretty easy, so hopefully I got good grades in them (we only have to pass anyway). After the tests, Meryl and I went back and got our bags and moved to Megan and Kirsten’s apartment so we would be closer to the airport in the morning. We got ready and went to the program dinner in the gardens of the castle area. The dinner itself was really delicious, but it was a bit sad because we had to say goodbye to everyone. After dinner, we went to this bar Back Door, that Jana (one of the TAs) had taken us to before where everyone ordered massive mojitos that had to be mixed with a baseball bat (Dad, you would have been in heaven!)
Then we left and went to my favorite 80s club, Lucerna, for the last time, where we danced to all of our favorite 80s music with everyone.

Jana, Meryl and I at dinner
Brennan, Jana, Meryl, Tony, me and Susana, the other TA
The trio’s last night in Prague 😦
Making our best guard faces
Mixing the mojito with a baseball bat
Drinking out of the massive mojito
Straws for all!
Bartender mixing our last absinthe shot
The infamous Meryl/Crystal drink
Absinthe Crew!: Meryl and I initiating Kelly and Kimberly (Kyle’s friends)
The dance floor at our 80s bar!

It was such a perfect ending to our last night in Prague, even though it was sad to say goodbye to all the friends we had made. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel so hot in the morning on the way to Paris, but we made it there in one piece (minus getting yelled at for walking too slow in the metro)! Goodbye Prague!


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