video Reasons to Travel!

Alex found this video this morning and sent it to me. I think it has some really great points that I very much agree with! Alex and I fortunately have the same mindset and belief system about traveling and have made it a top priority in our lives together.

We both completely agree with the sentiment that spending money on travel is so much more valuable than spending it on things. I would rather see the world and drive a basic car and live in a small house than live in a mansion (though if I can have both, I won’t complain 😉 ). And when I am 90 years old, I am going to be happier that I went to Poland than that I owned a certain pair of shoes or purse.

I think the fact that Alex and I travel together so much has really deepened our relationship and marriage. Traveling with someone definitely creates a special bond, and who better to have that with than your husband and favorite person in the world!

I definitely believe traveling makes us better versions of ourselves and better people, so I hope this video inspires you to plan your next trip! We have a lot of domestic travel coming up, but our next big international trip is this spring to Ireland and England! I can’t wait to keep y’all updated on our plans!

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