5 Reasons to Take a River Cruise with Scenic Cruises

emerald-starPhoto via cruisecritic

  1. A European river cruise just happens to be on my bucket list. Ever since I first heard of a river cruise from my husband’s grandparents, I decided it was something I had to do. The idea of visiting several European cities while still enjoying incredible views and scenery from a luxurious ship is very appealing to me. My husband Alex and I are newlyweds who love (and live) to travel. We try to maximize our vacation time by visiting several locations on each visit abroad, and a river cruise is a perfect way to do that.
  2. All excursions are included for all passengers. Say no more. One of the most expensive parts of cruising is the excursions, so Alex and I usually try to plan our own excursions rather than purchase them through the cruise line. When I heard Scenic Cruises actually INCLUDES the excursions, I was sold. You get to choose one excursion from between one and three options at each stop. There are fewer than 200 passengers on each cruise, so on each excursion, you are also traveling with a smaller tour group!
  3. GPS Guides. Scenic offers GPS guides tailored to your interests, whether that be history, wine, food, or anything else.  (Alternatively, an iPhone app is available for download). They are fantastic for taking a self-guided walking tour during free time at each port.
  4. Pillow menus. If you are anything like me, sleep is imperative to being a happy traveler. When I travel, I want to do and see everything. If I haven’t slept well, my energy level suffers. Scenic Cruises offers pillow menus, so if you don’t like the pillow that came with your room, you can request a pillow to suit your needs. I think this is a genius idea!
  5. No hidden costs! Let’s talk about all of the things that are included as part of your package cost on Scenic Cruises: food, drinks, gratuities, wi-fi, and excursions (see #2)! That means you don’t have to have a huge bill waiting for you when you leave the cruise. Each day, the cruise offers coffee and tea service, wine and beer all day, and a fully restocked refrigerator in your room. No drink cards? Sign me up! Also, if you’ve been on a cruise, you can understand how easy it is to rack up an internet bill. Not on Scenic Cruises! With free wi-fi, that means more connecting with friends and family while traveling. If you read my blog, that means more live posts and Instagram pictures!

It was rather challenging to keep the list of reasons to take a Scenic River Cruise to only 5 because there are many more perks. Electric bikes, butler service, authentic cuisine, and being an Australian company are a few more. Hopefully I will get to experience a Scenic Cruise one day and will be able to tell you all about it! Until then, visit the Scenic Cruise website to learn more.

1369864889000-scenic-Crystal-1305291802_16_9Photo via USA Today

Big thanks to JohnnyJet and Scenic Cruises for organizing such a generous and exciting giveaway!

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