link How is your travel etiquette? Dos and Don’ts from Travel + Leisure

Travel Etiquette Dos and Don’ts from Travel + Leisure

Happy Hump Day everyone! I saw this article on Travel + Leisure (one of my favorite magazines and websites) and thought it was a great read to share. I feel like I frequently wish for a travel handbook to discreetly hand to certain less-than-perfect tourists you may encounter during your travels. I by no means think I am the perfect traveler, but I do like to think I am somewhat savvy and can handle myself in sticky situations.

While I don’t agree with every single one of these tips (seriously, when is the last time you have been on a flight that is empty enough for the flight attendant to allow you to move to the front when you have a tight connection?), I do think many of the pointers are spot on! We can probably all learn a bit from this quick read. I especially would like to show the part about How to Cope With a Space-Hogging Seatmate to seatmates when I am stuck in the middle seat on a flight. Travel + Leisure says “Do be greedy. Airplane etiquette says that the middle-seat passenger has rights to both inner armrests.” I really don’t think people understand this rule, so if I am ever in a middle seat, I try to claim my space early.

I hope eventually these travel tips will become common knowledge so we can all be respectable travelers that represent where we come from in a positive light. What are some tips you’d like to share with fellow travelers? Anything that particularly irks you?

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