Summer Vacations 2015!

You guys. I have MAJORLY exciting news to share on the blog today. Alex and I are going to not one, not two, but FIVE countries this summer! All are countries that neither of us have previously visited and are places that we have always wanted to go. We are talking major bucket list items here. We will also be hitting two continents that we have never been to before, which will bring our total number of continents to six. All by the age of 30. Six continents by 30 is a big goal of mine (my 30th birthday is this summer) and I am so glad that I will be accomplishing it with my husband and favorite person in the world. I have no doubt that we will finish all seven by 40!

I am such a ball of excitement and it is all I can do not to talk about our trips at all times, but I don’t want to brag or bore anyone. Fortunately, this wonderful blog is the perfect outlet. You’re all travel lovers after all!

So without further ado, drumroll please….


  • First stop, ABU DHABI for one glorious night experiencing the glitz and glamour of the capital of the United Arab Emirates and one of the richest cities in the world. On the agenda: as much middle eastern food as we can handle and a visit to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center. My jaw drops just looking at pictures of this beautiful building, so I can’t even imagine how awe-inspiring it will be in person.
Photo via pinterest
  • Next stop, JOHANNESBURG for several days of safaris. If you don’t know, I LOVE animals and cannot believe that we are actually going to see some of the most iconic African species. Hopefully we will see the “Big Five”: the African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and the rhinoceros. I am particularly fond of big cats, so I hope we will see the lion and leopard, but I know cats can be a little harder to see in the wild, so we shall see! Here is an incredible video called “Battle at Kruger” of lions, buffalo, and a crocodile fighting. Hopefully I will be reporting back with an equally amazing sighting. We will also be spending some time exploring the city of Johannesburg which I am sure will be a blast!

    Photo via
    Photo via
  • On our second big trip of the summer, we will be spending a few weeks traveling around AUSTRALIA. Just thinking about going to the country that I have been wanting to visit for my whole life makes me beyond ecstatic. I already know that I am going to be completely obsessed with Australia and am never going to want to return. I’ve met so many Australians in my travels and I think they are some of the best type of people. Assuming they are a reflection of the culture and attitude in Australia, I know we are in for the adventure of a lifetime. I am excited about the people, I am excited about the wine and cuisine, and most of all, I am excited for the nature. On the agenda: Visits to Sydney and Melbourne, driving the Great Ocean Road, diving and exploring the rain forest in Cairns and Port Douglas, and a visit to Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
Photo via
Photo via
  • On the way back from Australia, we will be taking a detour to Asia! Our first stop will be in KUALA LUMPUR. Neither Alex nor I has ever been to Asia, so I think it will be such a fun experience. On the agenda: going to the top of the Petronas towers and lots of eating, shopping, and wandering through markets.
Photo via
Photo via
  • Finally, we will be visiting HONG KONG for several days. Again, I am eager to experience Asia and I am sure we will be doing much of the same as in Kuala Lumpur in terms of trying to sample as much food as possible and soak up all of the culture we can. Also on the agenda: Lantau Island and the Tian Tan Buddha, Macau, and karaoke.
Photo via
Photo via

As you can see, I have a lot to be grateful for and a lot to look forward to this summer. We are planning a few short domestic trips too (mostly weekend getaways), but I’ll tell you about those another time. For now, if you have ever traveled to any of these cities or countries, I would love to hear about your experiences! Please comment on my blog with anything you would like to share! Until next time….


    • Thank you! Your website is great; I have some family going to Italy so I will send your site to them!

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