$381 Mistake fare round trip from LA to Jakarta, Indonesia on Delta Airlines

Another great way to save a lot of money on flights (leading to more in the budget for activities, food, and fun) is to find a mistake fare to your destination. Generally, you have to be flexible on the destination and potentially, dates. Finding a mistake fare sale is kind of like winning the lottery. Our upcoming trip to Abu Dhabi and South Africa was actually booked as a mistake fare. We are flying to Abu Dhabi AND Johannesburg from the States for only ~$300 each (ROUND TRIP!). Winning!

I’ll be sharing any mistake fares I find on Candie Travels in the hopes that someone can book it! Unfortunately, all of our (many) vacation days are already allocated so I can’t take advantage of this one, but I hope you can!

So without further ado, please find $381 round trip flights from LA to Jakarta on Delta Airlines through Expedia. More info at Secret Flying.

Note: These deals can close quickly so jump on this NOW if you can!


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