More Seaside and 30A recommendations

As promised, I want to highlight some things we have done and restaurants we have eaten at on previous trips to Seaside and 30A. See my post about our most recent visit to 30A beaches here.


Crush: We have eaten here twice and loved it each time. There is a great wine and beer menu and dinner is delicious. We have enjoyed the cheese and charcuterie boards and sushi. Crush is a tapas style restaurant, so we usually order several things to share. The avocado dip with gorgonzola, sage and bacon tastes like a twist on guacamole and does not disappoint! We have also enjoyed the chicken satay and pan seared scallops. I definitely recommend Crush. It’s a great atmosphere, especially if you sit in the outdoor patio. The style is very European and if you time it with a movie or concert in the park, you can enjoy it while dining.

First trip to Crush
First trip to Crush
Second trip to Crush
Second trip to Crush

V Seagrove: I absolutely adore the retro Miami feel of V Seagrove. When we visited V, we had taken a nap, watched the sunset, had drinks, and had a late start to dinner! Unfortunately, V had already started closing down the kitchen when we got there, but fortunately for us, the kind chefs were able to put together a dinner for us. We enjoyed one of the salads and a cheese board with several cheeses chosen by our waiter and were very happy with his selection. We also really liked the open and modern decor on the patio. There were small pools in the flooring and we really liked the atmosphere. I only wish we had been able to spend more time there and order a full dinner. It is definitely on our to do list for the next trip!

on the patio of V Seagrove
on the patio of V Seagrove
Salad and Cheese Board at V

Cafe 30-A: Cafe 30-A is a must for a visit to the area. As we ate here on our first trip, I do not remember exactly what we had for dinner, but I can tell you that it was excellent. I also remember that we had a corner booth which was very romantic for our first dating anniversary. Of course, what I do remember of our dinner selection was the banana beignets. The beignets come with homemade ice cream and caramel sauce and are not to be missed! Definitely save room for dessert if you go to Cafe 30-A.

Banana Beignets at Cafe 30-A
Banana Beignets at Cafe 30-A
In our romantic corner booth
In our romantic corner booth


Movies and concerts in the park: As I mentioned in my previous post, I highly recommend reviewing Seaside’s calendar of activities before or during your stay. We have enjoyed both activities on previous visits.

The Seaside Ampitheatre
The Seaside Ampitheatre
Listening to an acoustic guitar concert in the park
Listening to an acoustic guitar concert in the park

Farmer’s Market: I think I adequately described the farmer’s market in my previous post, but here is a picture of the market from a couple of years back. From the looks of our last trip, I think the market has gotten much bigger.


Bike rentals: One activity that Alex and I always seem to enjoy on trips is renting bikes. It allows you to be outside while covering more ground than you would on a walk. We enjoyed biking around the town of Seaside, as well as to nearby Watercolor and Seagrove on the pretty trails on 30A. We enjoyed biking through Watercolor most, as the terrain is a bit more interesting and secluded. Some rental agency options are herehere, and here.

We biked down to the edge of Seaside
We biked down to the edge of Seaside
The Boat House in Watercolor
The Boat House in Watercolor

Beach walk: We always enjoy walking on the beach. A beach walk is particularly enjoyable in Seaside because each beach access has its own unique and distinct pavilion. I have invluded some pictures below of the various beach accesses and pavilions, but you have to see these for yourself on your visit!








Architectural walk through Seaside: Seaside is also home to many gorgeous homes. If you are an architecture buff, I recommend taking a walk or bike ride through the town just to view some of the unique and distinctive architecture. Below are pictures two of my favorite homes in Seaside.



Sunsets: If you have never seen a Gulf sunset, please put this on your bucket list immediately. And if you have, but have not seen one from the beaches of 30A, please do the same. There is just something about a sunset over the perfect white sands and bright blue waters of the beaches of 30A that just cannot be beat.

Some of my favorite sunsets:






Shopping: As I mentioned in my previous post, I really enjoy the Seaside boutiques. One of my favorites is Barefoot Princess, a Lilly Pulitzer signature store. Not only is it cute, but it has a great name!



Motorcourt Inn Seaside: Typically, we have stayed at the Motorcourt Inn. It is one of the most budget-friendly options in Seaside, particularly if you are traveling solo or with one person. Many of the other rentals are a size that would be more appropriate for a family or a group, so the Motorcourt has been a great option for us. You have to book through the Cottage Rental Agency, which handles all of the rentals in Seaside. The Motorcourt has small bungalows with a lot of character. They have a bed, small living area, bathroom, and kitchenette. They are no frills compared to some of the other Seaside options, but the location cannot be beat. The bungalows are decorated with 50s style license plate decor (like the sign pictured below) and are located across the street from both the beach and the town square. Also, if you are a repeat renter, you are greeted with a goodie bag filled with Seaside swag (we got coozies, cups, coffee mugs, coffee, and playing cards in an insulated cooler bag.



I will leave you with a few of my favorite Seaside memories: sunning on the beautiful beach and enjoying a quiet moment on one of the Pavilions.



Let me know if you have any suggestions for Seaside or 30A beaches! And please comment with any questions you have for me! Happy vacation planning!


Crush: 25 Central Square, Seaside, Florida 32459
V Seagrove: 2743 Scenic Highway 30A, Seagrove Beach, Florida 32459
Café 30A: 3899 East Scenic Highway 30A, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida 32459
Seaside Farmer’s Market: Seaside Amphitheater

Barefoot Princess: 4 Watercolor Boulevard, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida 32549

Motorcourt Inn Seaside: 215 Quincy Circle, Seaside, Florida 32459
Cottage Rental Agency: Contact at 866-966-2565


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