Top Travel Apps (via The Points Guy)

Hey, savvy travelers! I came across a great article by The Points Guy that I would love to share with you. Read it here. If you are taking any trips soon (especially of the international variety), I would definitely recommend that you read this article and download a few of your favorites.

Alex and I are headed to Europe this Spring and South America this fall. You better believe a few of these will get downloaded to my phone soon. The ones that really popped out at me were:

  • Google Goggles. Have you ever had a really great idea and thought, “If only I had the resources to make this happen”? That is Google Goggles for me. I cannot tell you how many times I have had a conversation while traveling saying, “What is this? If only there was an app where you could take a picture and find out what it was, like Shazam.” Need this one, for sure.
  • Hotel Tonight: Sometimes it is really nice to NOT book everything ahead of time and add a little spontaneity to your life. Or in a less fun scenario, maybe you had airport troubles and need a place to stay an extra night. Either way, Hotel Tonight would be a great addition to your smartphone.
  • Hailo: This sounds similar to Uber. I think it would definitely come in handy when you are exploring the city and get tired of walking but a cab is as elusive as Big Foot.
  • Alex and I used offline maps on our last trip to Europe and they were a life (and money) saver. This app sounds really cool because you can choose maps that pinpoint destinations based on a custom-made city guide that you can select by destination, timeframe and interest.

Thanks to The Points Guy for writing this helpful article! He has an awesome website with fantastic travel tips. Check it out!

Have you used any of these apps? If so, what did you think? If not, what are your favorite apps?

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