Why I want to go on an 8-day Emerald Waterways river cruise through Europe

River cruises have only popped up on my radar fairly recently, but ever since I first heard about them, I have been eagerly anticipating my first opportunity to take one. Emerald Waterways is one of the newest European river cruise companies and is the first place you should look if you are considering a river cruise. If you need to be convinced, read my short list to learn why I want to and why you should take the 8-day Danube Delights river cruise with Emerald Waterways.

Emerald Waterways Luxury Ship (photo via emeraldwaterways.com)
Emerald Waterways Luxury Ship (photo via emeraldwaterways.com)
  1. River cruising is the trendy thing to do. If you are looking for a great way to visit several cities in Europe without dealing with all of the plane or train fares, a river cruise is the way to go. Included in your Emerald Waterways cruise fare are airport transfers, all onboard meals, unlimited tea and coffee, alcoholic beverages with meals, bottled water in your cabin, Wi-Fi, and a shore excursion almost every cruise day.
  2. 8 days is the perfect length for a cruise. Not too long, not too short. I have been on ocean cruises in varying amounts of time and have come to the conclusion that 7-8 days is the perfect cruise length. Enough time to explore the ship without tiring of boating life. Also, if you want to extend the trip, you can always arrive in Europe early or stay after the cruise for some extra exploration.
  3. New ships christened by Twiggy. As they say, anything Twiggy touches turns to gold. Ok, maybe I am the only one that says that, but seriously, if Twiggy is on board  with Emerald Waterways ships (pun fully intended), so am I. The ships include an onboard hairdresser, massage therapy room, heated pool that transforms into a cinema at night, and fitness area.
    Heated pool
    Heated pool (Photo via emeraldwaterways.com)

    Cinema (Photo via emeraldwaterways.com)
  4. Old Europe experience. The Danube Delights itinerary provides for time spent in major European capitals such as Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest, in addition to several smaller towns in Germany and Austria. I appreciate the opportunity to explore larger metropolises as well as experience the slower pace of small towns and learn about the history and culture in each location.
    Me in front of Karlskirche (St. Charles's Church) in Vienna 6 years ago
    Me in front of Karlskirche
    (St. Charles’s Church) in Vienna 6 years ago

    Me in Budapest 6 years ago with the Danube river in the background
  5. Flexibility with excursions. Some people want their entire vacations planned by the minute. I am not those people. While I certainly appreciate some structure and guided tours, I relish free time to sit at a café and soak up the culture around me. Emerald Waterways offers both included and optional excursions. The best optional excursion in the Danube Delights itinerary is afternoon tea and traditional food with a local Slovakian family in their home. What an amazing opportunity! I love meeting new people, particularly when traveling, so sign me up!
  6. Indoor balcony. All suites include an indoor balcony complete with a decked area with table and chairs. The windows can be lowered with the push of a button for an open-air experience. I know my husband and I would thoroughly enjoy talking about our experience over a nightcap while watching Europe from the comfort of our personal deck.

    An Emerald Grand Balcony Suite
    An Emerald Grand Balcony Suite (Photo via emeraldwaterways.com)
  7. Coordinated dinners/music with cities. One of my favorite parts of the itinerary was reading about various special dinners and music that are themed to coordinate with the city visited that day. You can enjoy a Hungarian dinner on the ship after your day in Hungary or listen to a Bavarian folk band after a day in Germany. Talk about authenticating the experience. I love it!

Pop over to the Emerald Waterways website to learn more, see ship and cabin plans, and book your next river cruise! And please let me know if you do.

Thanks to Johnny Jet and Emerald Waterways for hosting another great blogger contest!

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